What Is Workflow Management System and Why You Need It

Workflow management system (WFMS) is, through automation part of the control coordination that is common to different workflows, is the software that supports workflow management. For example, when hiring the employee, WFMS manages the information about each hiring process and documents, such as the the recruiter, candidate's CV, interviewer, and the assignment of tasks of other staff members, adjusted according to the flow of predefined work.

WFMS is the general purpose tool that may support any workflow. WfMS generally provides the following functions:

  • BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation) using the standard graphic designer to specify the workflow.
  • Forms Builder to create a user interface to enter structured workflow data.
  • Integration of documents to load unstructured data in a file.
  • It can be used to discover the task of people to work "inbox."For example, when assigning a task, notification to inform the participants about the workflow change.
  • Permissions that can be configured to control duties and rights.
  • A report that provides an overview of the work in progress and the work completed.
  • Integration point that allows the integration of the system.

This broad functionality means that WFMS is a relatively complex software product. However, between the simplest products and a weight in the majority product, there is still a great complexity. Our company offers development of top-notch software to meet all your management needs.

Related Fields

Workflow management, business process management (BPM), case management, are related to the decision-making areas.

The term "business process management" exists, but can be used in the same meaning as "workflow management", it usually refers to process management by people who primarily relate to the process of deal. For our purposes, BPM, in addition to workflow management, is related to:

  • Mining process - by analyzing the historical data of the pattern that is frequently executed (event log) to detect unidentified workflow
  • Process analysis - statistical analysis of workflow performance data
  • Supervision of business activity - real-time monitoring of the execution of the process
  • Process optimization - with the help of numerical data on workflow performance, which changes to detect whether to improve this performance
  • Focus of the organization's strategy to improve business processes - business reengineering process.
  • In case management, applying workflow management for unstructured tasks, such as knowledge work, can obtain the same benefits without limiting people's work.
  • Management decision making, and the acquisition and automation of business rules that are used to make decisions as part of the workflow.

Top Signs that Your Organization Requires Workflow Management System

As the business grows, there is a possibility that workflow management is threatened, you may not know where things are going to be put in your hand. You need a better procedure, excellent CRM, ERP, collaboration software, e-mail or management. Management of business processes in your company or department and workflow automation can already be a must have in your organization, while you don’t even know about it. Well, it is certainly time to consider the implementation of a workflow management system, if:

  • The same information is entered in multiple systems.
  • Your workers pass too many Excel documents by email for approval.
  • You still use paper a lot of paper, filling the Word or PDF files and wasting valuable time on performing daily tasks manually.
  • There are legacy systems that can not adapt or extend to new business opportunities.
  • Many custom point solutions are difficult to maintain and change.

It is natural that you want to keep the previous method. But your business has to move forward to succeed. Automation can zoom miles to focus on success. To see how easy it is to automate business process management, contact us to discuss your case.