Our Innovative Solutions for Forward-Looking Businesses

Here we have some of our latest works which were successfully delivered to our customers. Have a look at some of them and see how information technologies can transform the way people do their business and improve productivity, efficiency and engagement.


DPlan is a planning tool with social functionality which the main purpose is to create scheduled events, invite participants and accept invitations of other users. The program features enable users to organise their time, create plans and follow the schedule effortlessly. Our team simplified the registration procedure allowing users to log in with their existing social accounts. The design team created an intuitive layout and familiar navigation model efficiently organising activity feed, calendar with planned events, and friends list.


Delive is a management application for iOS and Android platforms and with website backup for better organisation of delivery services. The program provides a direct connection between customers and couriers streamlining the orders placement and accomplishment procedures. As soon as client post his or her job, couriers receive it on the mobile client, and according to their location and convenience, they adjust order preferences. Besides, the mobile app also enables them to take e-signatures eliminating paperwork.

Cognitive Therapy

Our task was to build a web-based application which was intended for desktop and mobile users. In its core, there were based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practices. The purpose of the app to help users fight their depression by tracking feelings and thoughts, challenging stressful thinking, and screening tests. Developed with the help of specialists in this sphere, the website presents an efficient tool for fighting depressions and regaining the place in the world. We ensured that its look and usability meet the standards of users and also integrated responsive design to meet the expectations of mobile users.

Watch Store

Working with a branded watch retail network, we were asked to build a B2B mobile application for iPads which would enable the team to take stock count of watches in their stores and place new orders. One more feature of the app lets sales representative use it as a digital catalogue of their products with images, detailed description and pricing information. Our team also developed a custom CMS to ensure that app owner can edit programs content.

Car Pal

One of our projects for Thailand startup implied the creation of a car sharing the application with mobile and web components. The peculiarity of the program is that it denies monetary relationships and replacing them with friendly talk, shared meal or anything else. Users can either offer seat in their car mentioning the start point, destination, and time of the ride, or book them. Via integrated chatting platform, users can discuss the conditions of the shared trip.

Job Seeker

We were asked to construct a real-time operating mobile platform for hiring managers. The project implied the creation of the on-demand marketplace that can connect HR managers with required specialists based on their location and qualification. The platform has an advanced search engine which matches candidates with job requirements. Job seekers can create their profile with attached CV and pictures, while HRs can create company account placing there a description of the organisation activities and required employees. Social functionality enables hiring managers to communicate directly with prospective employees.