iOS App Development Costs: Quality is Priceless

Creating top-notch solutions for your business is like investing in the prosperity of your entire business.

With our software development company, you will feel the true quality because we know our art and always follow perfection.

Initial Cost Estimation

How much does it cost to develop an iOS app? A completely common problem!

Over the past seven years, our company has created dozens of successful iOS applications and we know everything about creating a fantastic product at a fair price.

The main driving force of the price is the cost of labor. For example, hiring a builder abroad can be cheaper than hiring an in-house developer, who for a long time will give you more attention than a freelancer.

The cost of an iOS program ranges from $ 40,000 to $ 80,000 due to the fact that there are so many unique variables, but the cost can be quite large depending on the complexity of the project and the resources needed.

This is obviously a huge amount of money, money and time. We insist on transparent prices and are ready to tell you all the details about the development cycle, so if you need estimates, please feel free to contact us.

Your priorities

You are honest with yourself and your priorities. The golden rule of iOS software development is that there are three features available: good, fast, cheap. You can choose two attributes, but never these three. Finding a development company to make excellent first-class iOS apps with great speed and low price is a red flag. You got what you paid for it.

Hopefully you'll need a high-quality app that gives you the option of choosing a shorter production line or a larger budget between a lower price range and a longer time line. In our company, we insist on the required development time, not more than 12 weeks. The entire timeline can be longer because you still need time to create and define products.

Internal and Offshore

You're hiring iOS developers because they know what they do and they do well. The only way to build the core competencies of iOS app programming is by the internal team of the development company. We only select senior professionals who are good at iOS, and have proven their experience through successful projects.

When choosing an enterprise for application development, ask the exact team members who will work on the project and review their previous apps.

Working with our agents, you get a team of internal developers and you can talk to each of them and evaluate your communication skills. Hiring a professional offshore iOS developer will save you money and time by bringing your technical expertise to your product development plan.

If you want to hire a development team to work regularly in your business, it can be more expensive - you have to pay a monthly salary, provide employees with the right equipment, skills improvement training, workspaces and other requirements. The development cycle requires many special skills and abilities, and it is difficult to find a universal specialist. And for programmers who do not have a business relationship with the IT industry, there is often no daily work, so employers only pay in vain.

While the cost of developing full-cycle iOS software may seem high enough, your product will be rewarded in the shortest amount of time and will result in long-term revenue.

Waterfall and Agile

Waterfall and agile development are two of the most popular app building technologies, each of which has unique capabilities and can result in different costs. That is why it is so important to choose the right work method for the project.

The development of the iOS Waterfall app depends on a predefined clear plan, before starting to work, carefully from start to finish. With the waterfall development process, there is almost no flexibility, but the customer knows exactly what it is, the price is a lot. But if a client is skeptical of any promised stage, the waterfall strategy fails completely. If you need to make some changes after completing any of the steps, it takes a lot of time and effort. This will inevitably increase overall development costs for iOS time and apps.

Agile development will be a perfect solution, and if you have only vague thoughts, what you need. Developers can finish the sprint in as little as two weeks or three weeks and improve the code at any time. As a result, the project workflow is divided into different tasks, scattered across different teams to work closely together. Agile development requires a high degree of management skills and a truly coordinated development team.

There is also a hybrid approach that we call "iterative development". In front of some documents such as the main screen and the function of wireframes and models, but some aspects remain in the development process by the team found.

In general, the development sector is moving towards agile methods. The lack of basic structure tends to make startup more expensive than the original plan. However, it allows for greater flexibility in product management and evaluation and adjustment. With agile methods, you can publish incremental versions at the end of each authoring cycle to get to the fastest release dates and reach the market.

Our developers have mastered two methods and are ready to provide the best possible service to ensure high quality products within budget and expectations

A variety of iOS apps we can develop

Many different types of apps can be of great value to your business and become a new source of revenue.

In general, all iOS apps can be divided into several groups.

Basic table features

Treat as a hierarchy: there are great themes to open screens, you click on one, and now there is a new click on the list. The iPhone email is a good example. In fact, this type is best established and designed, and is a good choice for companies that need basic information in a "simple" app. Our developers create table-based apps and become the perfect tool for our customers.

Database-based customization

This is not a specific bucket, but it is the best way to creatively analyze the content. When all of a customer's content load is used, organized, and displayed differently, the basic table format will be the best solution to actually work with your iOS app. This development has become more complex and has begun to consider the need for "local" (embedded) or "dynamic" statistics (online service).


These more complex games from the outset are as easy as PONG, even the 3D physics engine running SkyTeam. Through the physical movement of the iPhone, by marking and engaging in entertainment centers, it is possible to incorporate UX into our specialized developers.

Improving device firmware or hardware

This means we can harness and make the smartphone even more powerful, including an alarm, digital camera or flash. One of the best examples of this is the camera + app, which provides a filter for any photo taken on a smartphone and stores the photo in a lightbox.

Fully Dynamic apps

Much like database-based software, these iOS apps are entirely dependent on external facts.

Custom Utilities

These iOS apps are designed to allow consumers to embed content material in the way they choose.

There are other things - there are several programs that can be absolutely accurate to suit all your needs and requirements, regardless of type - is it possible? Just share ideas, we will find the right solution.

The type of iOS app you need to develop may vary based primarily on the amount of content you want to include and the type of management you want to use throughout the process. Realize that if you know what type of app needs to be created, you can get the app very quickly and cheaply without having to be prepared to open another option for a long period of time.

iOS app development costs

The development of iOS apps involves programming aspects of the program.

This is a common cost advancement for an exclusive sample project.

Simple forms-based apps

$ 10,000 - $ 40,000 - The client provides all the content material, a clear plan and what he needs to do. If you know the Photoshop path, you can submit an image to limit this item for $ 20,000. The extra cost is when you want to add features such as GPS finder, social media integration or a fashion touch.

Database program

$ 40,000- $ 80,000 - Client provides all content, images, text, sound, etc. The cost comes from creating product logic, building all usability or gaming. After analysis, the content is usually placed. One of the trends in these tasks is the heaviest, since the data is generating the whole game, and that picture is of particular importance.

Complicated projects

$ 50,000 - $ 250,000. Even if you try to make the game very simple, the game quickly becomes complicated. Access to the gaming center, top rated and integration with the online community can be quite complex. The beauty of a game is that it will be downloaded more.

How to create an app in the most economical way?

What we need to say is that it is very cost effective to create an iOS product, hiring professional developers is very important. And our company is the best place to find the best relatives. We consider ourselves a leader in the field of iOS app production and guide you as your own product. We assume that all companies should have their own custom software and use the benefits.

That's why any company needs iOS apps:

  • High customer visibility
  • Media to scan loyalty programs
  • Direct sales channel
  • Customer involved in improvement
  • Brand building and promotion

Our experts will estimate iOS app development costs for you, based on the detailed specification, which we’ll create, based on your target group ana business goals. We do our best to help clients in understanding their own needs and get the results they deserve. We have many years of experience in the iOS development market, so we have some tips for you too.

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