How to Become an Android App Developer

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Who are we?

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Our growth

How do we become the leading digital agency? We discuss the steps that all young developers need to go through and advise on best practices to become a prominent IT professional.

Start as a Developer

SO, you want to develop apps, but not how to start, and where to find the resources and who can help you navigate the world of IT? Do you want to try the programming, or maybe you already have some experience? Have you always enjoyed everything related to the latest technology, innovation and technological advancement? So how do you start with nonsense fragments of programs that people love and spend hours on? What should be the first step you should take? Today we talk about the most popular operating system in the world. Let's talk about the Google platform.

Where to start?

Be ready to work hard, asgetting started is not so easy especially for those who have little or no IT knowledge and programming. There is no doubt that you will have to learn many new things. How to write in Java? How to pass an instance of the class between activities? You can repeat the last word - can you spell it wrong? We have already mentioned, but to learn the ways around the Android environment, you need to understand the basics of Java.

Professional Native Android Developer

If you already know one or two programming languages, it will not be too difficult for you. However, if you are learning IT from scratch, do not neglect this step - this is the foundation of future knowledge that you will accumulate over time and practice. We will not say about multi-platform development because we do not think hybrid apps are as powerful as native solutions. Today, our theme is a local app and, if you do not have experience, how to start creating them.

Ask a Developer Friend

If you have a friend who knows something about programming, it's definitely worth it to invite him to have a cup of tea and help him out a bit. This knowledge is very useful because these people can suggest you the best blogs, websites and tutorials to share your experiences and help you provide valuable advice. When you learn the basics, you can distinguish good sources of information from a good perspective.

The first step as a professional Android developer

The first step is difficult, but when you finally realize you can develop a product that can change the world, this can be realy rewarding. But you also should understand the basics of Android, such as SDKs, services, XML layouts and other interesting (or not) things. Then you can perform more complex aspects. You'll learn the latest technologies, structures and services, responsiveness, familiar with material design,and other new things. Sometimes it may be intolerable, but most of the time it is very exciting.

Android Studio and Eclipse

Wait a moment and forget - before you start coding, you need to find an integrated development environment (IDE) where you will function as a developer. Google's operating system is not like Apple, meaning taht you have the choice to choose. Two of the most famous professional developer environments are Android Studio and Eclipse. We recommend using Android Studio with Google. We always create all projects in this environment because it is easy to use, rich and efficient feature. So if you value the opinions of our developers, go to Android Studio - you will never regret about it.

Our recommendations

Are you a professional app developer, can you recommend some valuable resources? Of course, prepare a lot of information. So, no, we'll just tell you the source code that any professional Android developer should have and everything you need. This is an important source of understanding the basics of being a professional programmer. This is an official website that offers the most relevant information about Google's mobile platform. We recommend that you read all the guidelines posted on the site and remember as much as you can - after which you can test your knowledge and create your first program. After a few weeks, you'll be able to create basic functionality for a simple Android app. In addition to reading tutorials and guidelines, you get this result if you practice at least a few hours a day. Some aspects take a whole day to solve, others take only a few seconds - but that's how you learn and you need to pass.

Battery overload. Excess battery is absolutely necessary. When you want to learn more about some aspects of Android developer activity, you need not only visit the website, but also have a real-time forum for professional app developers to help you solve the problem, the strategy to solve it. This site is the answer to any question that a professional Android developer has problems with.

I understand the basics, what to do next?

So, now begins the most exciting part. Do you have thoughts about an app you want to use as a developer? It may not matter what you always wanted to achieve, or something totally new. You can even copy existing apps, instead of creating unique things. There are many choices. But make sure, no matter how much you decide to lure it. You already know the basics so let's start with some real hardcoding.

Create your own app

And again - stop viewing tutorials and reading messages (which, of course, it is not). The base is already there, and you are ready to put the newly acquired skills into practice and start creating an actual app. And don't waste the time building rinky-dink apps in step-by-step tutorials - they will not do anything good. It is always better to start with your own ideas. When you come to a place where you are not sure what to do, just Google or go to the stack overflow to give developers more experience. You see, it's very lucrative - not only do you get fresh insights but also valuable connections.

First, this method is useful because you will not follow the existing code. When you write code from scratch, you can better understand what you do. It can help you remember the technology you are using and the tools you use. When you encounter some obstacles, you get to see the life of things - how to accomplish some things?

Android app Design

Most people in the world use smartphones and tablets with Android, so if you have not yet designed a native app, now is the time. Developing apps for Google may be harder than Apple-oriented iOS apps, but the end product is much easier to get on-line because Google lacks the stricter guidelines like Apple. Make sure that developers know about Java or any other language appropriate to Android development and learn how to use the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

Android Development Challenges

The main challenge for Google-oriented development is that with Android smartphones and tablets of different screen sizes and resolutions, you should take this into account to ensure that your app can be tailored to any specific device. Some people may argue that Android is not as secure as iOS, but the security of both platforms has been improved in recent years.

Is there a problem?

Ask us anything! It does not have to be relevant to becoming a professional Android app developer - you can request to evaluate the overall cost of the app or talk to get the best promotion strategy for your digital product. If you need to discuss the best techs to streamline your business processes or audit your site for any difficulties, our professional app development experts will help. Our versatile experts have in-depth knowledge of the mobile market and the IT industry and are willing to contribute their developers' experience in their projects to provide you with the best strategic advice and the best mobile and desktop solutions to bring long term value.